Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Semi-annual posting

Ice fishing with the Claysons

We all bundled up and made our way out to Robert's gravel pond.

I think the kids had almost more fun playing with the fish than catching them.

I think this one was the "monster" of the day.

Emily's Snowman

Snowmen: The Movie

Sean got the chance to be an extra in a real movie. They filmed it in Park City. Sean and I were there for 4 long and cold days. All the filming was done outside in 10-20 degree weather. The first scene was a bunch of kids walking to school. They would shoot for about 30 seconds and then everyone would go back to where they started from and do it again and again and again. After that, they would move the cameras and do it again 7 or 8 times. In the picture above, Sean is in the very back standing by himself.

They were trying to break the world record for the most snowmen made in a day. It was pretty funny to see only half snowmen out in the field.

These are three of the main kids in the movie. A couple of them have been in quite a few other movies and TV shows.

This is another scene. Sean is wearing the red coat and walking towards one of the main kids.

Camping at CJ Strike Reservoir

The kids had Spring Break and wanted to go camping somewhere warm. We decided to go to CJ Strike Res. which is just west of Mountain Home. We left Idaho Falls to 3 inches of snow and hoped for the best. The weather stayed around 50 or so which was a nice change to what we were used to. One day was very windy. It started about one in the morning on Sunday and didn't stop until Monday afternoon. At one point I thought the trailer was going to blow over. We had Jill's tent set up to keep the dog and other stuff in it. Needless to say it now looks a lot like Uncle Bill's Hells Canyon tent, more duck tape that tent. (Jill, I forgot to tell you that your tent got a little wind damage, but it is as good as new after a little tape.) This picture was taken from the top of the dam looking down on where we camped.

We did quite a bit of fishing but they weren't biting very well.

Even Marissa baited her own hook.

We brought the 4-wheeler with us and had some fun one afternoon.

I got a little high-centered.

Heidi felt so bad that Dax was outside in the cold that she let him hang out with us inside the trailer a couple of the days.

There were 130 to 142 stairs from the bottom of the dam to the top, depending on which kid counted them.

Sheina and her kids came and stayed with us for two days. Everyone had a lot of fun hanging out.

A guy caught a small sturgeon and a all the kids got to touch it before he let it go.

Tyson turns five

Do you think he is excited?

Hey, I'm five!!!