Wednesday, September 5, 2007


It has been a very busy summer. We have even managed to go camping a couple times. We went to Bear Lake for three or four days. We didn't have the best weather but we had enough coats and sleeping bags to stay comfortable. We spent half a day at the Minnatonka Cave.It stays about 40 degrees in there all year around. Needless to say we were all a little chilly after the hour and a half tour. There are 444 stairs each direction. My legs were burning by the time I reached the top. Of coarse I had to carry Tyson the last few hundred stairs. We were going to hike up to Bloomington Lake to do a little fishing and have a picnic. We got almost there and we ran in the sheriff. He was turning everyone away because a 17 year old had drowned and they were trying to recover the body. We ended up playing alot of horseshoe golf because the weather didn't cooperate. We did get to hangout on the beach for a couple hours.

Our next trip was to Redfish Lake in Stanley. I rained the first night but after that it was really nice. We went to the fish hatchery and saw a bunch of salmon. They were huge. Some of them were 4 feet long. There were a few that were still swimming up the river by the hatchery to spawn. Then we went to Custer. It is an old ghost town about 15 miles down river from Stanley. It was pretty cool to see how they lived and the stuff they used to mine the gold.
Heidi's parent came with us. It was pretty cozy in our trailer, but we all had a good time.We got a chance to go fishing. I think everyone caught at least one fish.
Sean had a snag, so I handed Tyson my pole and went to help Sean. The next thing I knew, Tyson started getting all excited. I looked over and he had caught a fish. He set the hook and reeled it in all by himself.How come kids always get tired and can't finish a hike?
Marissa and Sean tried for hours to catch a chipmunk. This is about as close as they got.There were a bunch of logs laying in the little stream by our camp. They kids got "pretty" good at balancing on them. Of coarse they all ended up wet.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Emily and Boe went to Bearworld for a field trip for their Pre-school. I had the great opportunity to go with them and the other 15 five-year-olds. It was alot of fun. We saw alot of bears, elk and buffalo. In the petting zoo they got to pet baby bears, deer, a turkey and even a pot belly pig.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Tyson's Birthay

Tyson turned three while we were camping. We had to used two matches to finish his cake.
Tyson was excited that he finally got a big boy bike.

Emily was so excited that I took the training wheels off her bike. She just took off.

Camping at Bruneau Sand Dunes

It was the kids's spring break so we decided to go camping. We decided on Bruneau because it should be warm enough. The weather was great almost the entire time. It rained twice but it only did it at night and the rest of the time it was in the 70's. Jeremy, Sheina and their kids and Ryan, Lori and their kids all showed up on Saturday. We played on the dunes, hid Easter eggs and had a bar-be-que.

From a distance the kids were disappointed because the dunes didn't look big enough. The closer we got the more excited they got. From the bottom it was quite a climb. The kids grabbed their sleds and headed up to the top.

Tyson fit just right in the sleds.

Sean was impressed how far he could jump down the hill.

I told the kids that the last time I was here we dig down about 3 feet and we found ice. Marissa was bound and determined to do the same. She dug pretty deep but the cousins thought it would be more fun to bury her.

Even Chaz made it to the top.

Everyone had fun finding Easter eggs.

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years Eve Eve at Grandmas

The kids's Great Grandma Eckles in Salt Lake.

Marissa and Grama Nancy playing the "player piano".

Marissa's swim meet

We went to Marissa's swim meet in Utah this weekend. She got first in two of her four heats and placed 9th out of 43 girls. She keeps improving her times in every race that she is in. Her favorite event is the 50 yrd. freestyle.

Heidi's Grandma was able to sit poolside in a wheelchair to see the races up close. She even got splashed on a couple of turns.