Monday, April 9, 2007

Tyson's Birthay

Tyson turned three while we were camping. We had to used two matches to finish his cake.
Tyson was excited that he finally got a big boy bike.

Emily was so excited that I took the training wheels off her bike. She just took off.

Camping at Bruneau Sand Dunes

It was the kids's spring break so we decided to go camping. We decided on Bruneau because it should be warm enough. The weather was great almost the entire time. It rained twice but it only did it at night and the rest of the time it was in the 70's. Jeremy, Sheina and their kids and Ryan, Lori and their kids all showed up on Saturday. We played on the dunes, hid Easter eggs and had a bar-be-que.

From a distance the kids were disappointed because the dunes didn't look big enough. The closer we got the more excited they got. From the bottom it was quite a climb. The kids grabbed their sleds and headed up to the top.

Tyson fit just right in the sleds.

Sean was impressed how far he could jump down the hill.

I told the kids that the last time I was here we dig down about 3 feet and we found ice. Marissa was bound and determined to do the same. She dug pretty deep but the cousins thought it would be more fun to bury her.

Even Chaz made it to the top.

Everyone had fun finding Easter eggs.