Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feb 6,2010 - Aug 8,2009

Emily got baptized. We are so proud of the decision to do that. She is a good example to her brothers and sister.

Alot of friends and family came to support her.

We celebrated Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary with shirts and a cake.

Emily was so tired after rolling snowballs to make a snowman that she had to take a nap.

Emily had a sleepover with about 100 girlfreinds. Too bad that I had to work extra late that night.

We finally got enough snow to go sledding. We hooked up with the Claysons and had a good time.

The only bad part about sledding is walking back up the hill.

Thanks Grama Susie for the slippers.

Aren't holiday pictures fun.

Heidi and I went elk and deer hunting. It was so cold. It got down to -24 every night, but it got up to 5 during the day. It got a little chilly sleeping in our camper. We dressed warm and had a good time even though we did't get anything.

I bet you didn't know that it rains leaves in Idaho.

Halloween pumpkin craving fun.

Sean, Grampa Howie and I got to go hunting this year. We did end up getting a little 2 point on the last day.

This is the first time Grampa Howie would unload the 4-wheeler off the trailer. It took three days of me loading and unloading before he got the courage up to do it himself.

I got my first antelope.

Heidi and the kids got to go to Snowbird in Utah with her family while I was hunting.

They even got to go swimming in the snow.

I really need to teach my kids how to dive

We spent a week at Bear Lake with Heidi's family. We spent alot of time on the beach. We even found a two headed octapus.

Sometimes kids will dig a hole just to dig a hole.