Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seaside and Newport

I was able to take three weeks off of work so we took a big vacation. We went to Hells Canyon, Bend, Newport and Seaside. I thought three weeks in our trailer with all six of us would drive me crazy, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.


Our last stop was Seaside. We stayed here five days. One morning we rented a six seater bike and rode around town.

There were a couple of hills that we rode up. It expected it to be easier to peddle up with four of us peddling, but it wasn't.

We went to Cannon Beach and saw Haystack rock. We were also able to find a few sand dollar shells.

We went swimming quite a bit.

We even found time to put together a few puzzles.

You can't go to the coast without stopping at Tillamook and getting squeaky cheese.


This is Newport. It was foggy like this on the beach almost the entire week we were here.

We met up with my cousin Teresa and her family for the week here. I told our kids not to get their clothes wet on the beach. Of coarse everyone ended up riding in the back of the truck because the were covered from head to toe with water and sand.

We ate at The Chowder Bowl. It was fun trying to find a table for eleven.

Newport pier

We had to stop and get pictures at every little statue.

We spent a day at marine science center.

We spent our days playing pickleball ....

miniature golfing ....

and squeezing into phone booths.

The kids wanted to see the sea lions, so off we went to the Sea Lion Caves.

I bought a crabbing license, rented some crab pots and we were off to try and catch dinner.

We caught quite a few.

It was so cold. We were all huddled together under blankets and jackets.

I brought my sturgeon rod and bought a little crab trap the hooks to the end of the line. I could cast it out a lot further than we could get the pots. It actually worked pretty good.

We spent a day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bend and Hells Canyon


Our second stop on our big vacation this summer was Bend, Oregon. We only spent one full day here so we decided to float the river. Heidi had to take Emily to the doctors so the rest of us braved the cold water. It looks like Sean is having second thoughts.

Marissa slowly worked her way in.

Tyson didn't have much of a choice, I threw him and his tube into the water.

Here we go. I know that it doesn't look like I'm sitting on a tube, but I am. It must be angle of the camera and reflection of the water that makes it look like I'm sinking.

Movie night.


This was our first stop on our trip. It was unusually cool this year. We even had to wear jackets part of the time. The kids still had fun playing with their cousins. This is Tyson, Emily and Jenna trying to keep warm.

Marissa and Sean relaxing with Dixie.

Boys and their bugs. Sean, Boe and Luke caught a preying mantis at Grandma Susie's house and had fun chasing the girls with it, especially Heidi.

It must be cold there also.

Watch out Tristian, here comes Sean.

Run Tyson Run