Saturday, May 16, 2009

The garden
We finally got our garden ready for planting. We planted green beans, regular and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red potatoes, turnips, and eggplants. Hopefully it won't snow again this year, but it is Eastern Idaho.

Tyson and Bearworld

Tyson got to go to Bearworld for pre-school. They even got to ride in a "Grampa Howie school bus".

This bear is the one they used as Balou the Bear in the first Jungle Book movie.


Feeding time for the babies.

Emily playing dress-up.

The boys trip to St. George

Travis, Ryan and I meet our parents in St. George for a golf weekend. After we all got there, Mom left the next morning to go to Sarah's to make dresses, leaving us alone to fend for ourselves. We survived on cold cereal, brautworsts, nachos and pizza (not good if you have a bad gallbladder, sorry Dad). We played golf about every day in 80 dergee weather, better than the 30 degrees we were having in Idaho. Dad looks like a pro here. It's a good thing this picture doesn't show where the ball ended up.

Poor Ryan had surgery on his knee and wasn't supposed to swing a club. We let him chip and putt when the Marshall wasn't looking.

This picture is prove to Mom that we kept the condo nice and clean the entire time.

There has to be at least one bathroom picture.

Lava Hot Springs

Heidi's Aunt Janet has a timeshare at Lava Hot Springs and invited us down for the weekend (of coarse I had to work). They spent a lot of time in the pool.

Emily loves to dress-up. Heidi's wedding dress almost fits.

EFY (Especially for Youth)

Marissa went to a youth conference at BYU-Idaho (it will alwasy be Ricks to me). She got all dressed up and had a good time.

There was a concert by an acapella group after the conference was over.

This is the main singer from the group. He is Grama Nancy's neighbor in Ogden.