Wednesday, February 6, 2008

catching up on pictures

These pictures came out in reverse order, but oh well. I will post more pictures in about six more months.

I got a chance to go riding with some guys from work. That's not me, it was just a cool picture.
This isn't me either.
Somebody always breaks down.
OK, this is me. I caught SOOOO much air.

Happy Birthday Emily:

Emily turned six. She got to have a party without boys. I'm sure they would have liked to dress up too.

Christmas in Arizona:

We all had fun on the 4-wheeler.

I think the kids put about 75 miles on it making the 1/4 mile loop. Tyson and Josh waiting for their turns.
What family fun.
How many times do we have to tell kids not to tip on the chairs. We should have told Tyson once more.
Santa even found us in the middle of nowhere.


Tyson is getting ready to go.
Dad is waiting for the sun to come up before going to find the big one.
Ryan's Oregon State sweatshirt sure came in handy.
Let the butchering begin.
Everybody joined in.